Friday, 1 August 2014

letters to Israeli Embassy no 6

Is there No End to your Murders
To the Israeli Ambassador in Ireland
29 July 2014
Dear Boaz

You are now considered a pariah State. 

Life and death in Gaza is not a game.

You have shut your ears against the humane cries of the world and continued to rain down death on the defenceless children of Gaza,
another holocaust.

Shame. shame, shame on you forever.

The juvenile antics on your website, dressing other countries' symbols of respect with your hijabs and rockets to indicate danger from Hamas,
has backfired as it exposes your embassy's hypocrisy and lack of caring in spite of your widespread propaganda, indicating "regret".

You even stoop to use the word "Nazi" for your victims to whom, incidentally, you deny the right to defend their own people against your
savage butchery.
At one of the protest marches in Dublin against this butchery I heard the coordinator call for the removal of one banner whch she was not
happy with.  The banner mentioned "Nazi Zionists".

It was, I suppose, making the point that Zionists in Israel are acting towards Palestinians like the Nazis in Germany did towards Jews between
1933 and 1945.

So she was sensitive to your feelings but you use the word Nazi to describe your victims, showing no sensitivity whatever in your butchery
of them, only insult. 

Pride comes before a fall as the old adage has it.  Your pride, your arrogance, is massive.   Your fall, when it comes, will be a massive one.

As a human being I consider all men and women my brothers and sisters. 
I embrace and welcome 100% the brothers and sisters in Israel, the US and elsewhere who have spoken out against the genocide you are
perpetrating in Gaza.  They are the true Israeli heroes.  They are the true Israeli patriots. They are worthy members of the human race.  One
day they will be honoured throughout the world.

And the people of Gaza who at present are in their own Warsaw ghetto of your making will one day be free to live in peace, dignity and justice
with their children.

I hope the day soon comes when you will see and regret the terrible evil you are inflicting on innocent children.

Meanwhile I want your embassy closed and you and your diplomatic coterie expelled from Ireland.

Justin Morahan

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