Friday, 1 August 2014

Series of Letters to the Israeli Ambassador in Ireland - No 7

To: the Israeli Ambassador in Ireland
31 July 2014

Dear Boaz

Look at what your countrymen are shouting in praise of your genocide and your holocaust of children in Gaza:

Do you agree with this?

Shame on Israel and its brainwashed fascist youth

This is what they are chanting: (You know Mr Tibi and Ms Haneen Zoabi are 2 Arab members of Parliament).

"There's no school tomorrow,there's no children left in Gaza! Oleh!"

"Tibi, the next child to die is yours"

"This is the State of the Jews. I hate you Haneen Zoabi.  I hate all Arabs"

"Gaza is a cemetery"

An Israeli spokesman said this morning:  "The President himself (!!!) has apologized for the dreadful killing of the children on the beach."

Apologies are no longer acceptable , Boaz, when you continue to carry on with the next massacre of sleeping children a few hours later.

Your propaganda has backfired.  The extreme hatred and superiority complex of your supporters is being exposed by themselves on an hourly basis on social media. 

You are NOT a superior race.  You are humans like all of us.  The last nation that thought itself superior learned its lesson too late.


You may think you are invincible but every tyrant has its day of reckoning.

And listen to some learned conscientious Jews in London expressing their total opposition to your actions:

"Against the Torah, Against our faith,  Against our religion"

In righteous anger and sorrow for the dead you have murdered and the youth you have indoctrinated to hate and kill children

Justin Morahan

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