Thursday, 31 July 2014

Series of Recent letters to Israeli Ambassador in Dublin

Letter 1:  What has Israel become?
1 July 2014   To the Israeli Ambassador;  Sent
Dear Ambassador

Further to my telephone call just now to the Embassy I should like to confirm in writing how I feel about the recent conduct of Benjamin
Netanyahu in his governance of the State of Israel.

Mr Netanyahu has used every ploy, seized on every opportunity andexploited the horrible abduction and killings of three youths from
settler families to his own political advantage, to continue to stir
up unrest in Israel, Palestine and throughout various war zones around
the world.  My sympathy goes out to the families of those youths.  I do
not believe that Mr Netanyahu has shown the slightest genuine sympathy
for those boys since their abduction.  He has used the brutal killings
to stir up more disunity between the Palestinian political groups who
try to "govern" patches of territory in spite of your unjust occupation

While they were still alive your parliament brought in legislation which
made it impossible to save their lives by bargaining or prisoner exchange. 

What hypocrisy now to pretend that Mr Netanyahu or his government cared
a whit for those young hitch-hikers.

Your Prime Minister gets inordinate coverage in the media but he does
not convince.  Today he is interfering in Iraq - already destroyed by
Messrs Bush and Blair - urging the Kurds to form an independent state.

What has Israel become under the long list of war-lovers who have
governed it?

The lives you destroyed in Gaza six years ago counted as nothing to you. 

No parents should have to suffer what the victims of terror and
kidnapping have suffered.

But you cannot make fish of one and flesh of the other.  Evil is evil,
wherever it happens and whether the perpetrators are against Israel or
for Israel.  Don't pretend otherwise.

With best personal wishes

Justin Morahan
human rights activist and pacifist

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