Thursday, 31 July 2014

Series of Letters to Israel No 2

Dear Sir

With dismay I write to you.

You continue to carry out a massacre in Gaza - the third within six years.  Each massacre is given a fancy name "Operation this or that" but never "Operation Murder"
The Goldstone report (headed by an Israeli Jew) damned your actions in the first massacre.

On All Fools Day Mr Goldstone retracted parts of the report - following incredible suffering by boycott, ridicule and bullying from his erstwhile friends in Israel.

Who will tell the truth about this latest massacre?

We have seen it live online - murder under the cover of darkness of sleeping or terrified human beings including many many children.

Cheered on by inhuman tweets from your most ardent supporters who are human.

Oh yes, you are the victors.  Your power is second to none.  Your protector is the United States of America.  The US fund your aggression and your defence. You control the world's corporate media in most western countries.  You control large chunks of social media.  You have
money and influence.   Elected governments, allegedly independent and democratic, kow-tow to you.  TV and radio presenters allow you to repeat lies and propaganda for public consumption. Newspapers give you large
column inches.  You speak good English.  You have a nuclear arsenal but can deny its existence.  You can complain that other countries might develop nuclear weapons.  You brutally occupy and control Palestine
including the West Bank and Gaza ignoring UN resolutions.  You hold the record as the UN member state that has most defied UN resolutions.  You get away with it and continue to act with impunity. 
In spite of all of this power, you present yourself to the world as a victim. Not just victims of the Holocaust that ended in 1945, but victims of the very people whom you are murdering with impunity in Gaza in 2014.  Victims of the children whom you murdered on the beach?  Victims of the disabled in the hospitals you have shattered?

Tonight you will murder dozens more of civilians and children and all of us who abhor and detest these murders must confess that we are powerless to prevent you from carrying them out.  Know that we no longer believe
your lies.

Your own people - the bravest and best of them - have revealed that they are lies. The protestors in Tel Aviv, the Shministim, the resisters, Gush Shalom, Jewish Voice for Peace.... you are not short of good people in all of this darkness.

We share their anger.

And we will continue to shout STOP, murderers, while there is still time.

With best personal wishes

Justin Morahan
Human rights activist, pacifist

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