Thursday, 24 February 2011

Irish Elections - Other Priorities

7. Stand up to Europe. Take their cash, not for the toxic banks, but to regenerate the economy.
New Government, new ball game.

8. Bring back the Freedom of Information Act in its original form.
It was neutered after we gave Shannon airport to GW Bush. Nothing to hide, no fear of free information

9. No to a European Army
Goes without saying. Armies are for killing. No Irish Army, no European Army

10. No to stag hunting
Keep cruel sports out of Ireland

11. Whistle blower's Charter
To end corruption at every level and in every sphere whistle-blowers should be encouraged and protected

12. Encourage small home industries
So stopping the dependence on capitalist multi-nationals

13. Tax the rich more and the poor less.
Start creating an equal society

14. End the party whip system.
Let elected representatives be free to vote according to
their consciences

15. Reform the prison system and then abolish it.
Replace it with a system of restorative justice and probation service

Let emigrants vote for first six years of exile
A new emigrant constituency would elect its own quota of TDs depending on the number of emigrants registered in that new constituency.

17. Investigate all psychiatric hospitals and methods used in them and stop all treatments not acceptable to the patients

18. Remove the blasphemy law.
It is a dangerous and ludicrous anachronism

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