Friday, 11 February 2011

The Irish Elections - What I want from the next Government

The canvassers have not got anywhere near me and I can't talk to them face to face so I am telling them here and now what I want from the newly elected.

My list will not be the expected one. "Job creation" will not be the top priority because everyone knows this already.

The deep malaise that has blighted our little country had been festering for many years.

There was corruption in almost every level of government, local government, administration, planning, agencies of the State, the Judiciary and its own agencies. There was also gross inefficiency and arrogance. And there were false promises on Europe not just from Fianna Fáil but also from Fine Gael and the Labour party..

All of these have contributed in spades to our present impasse.

I want to see an end to this corruption, inefficiency, arrogance and deceit at the same time as I want to see better conditions of living for all of us.

In the following pages I will outline what I want to say at the door to the canvassers

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