Thursday, 26 April 2018

Gaza tomorrow

Dear Ambassador

Thanks to your secretary/Embassy official for her courtesy in accepting my call to your office this morning although it is a Jewish holiday.

To expand on my telephone conversation with the courteous lady who took my call: I am very concerned about what I fear will be the unjust killings and the unjust maiming of unarmed protestors in Gaza tomorrow. Such killings and wounding appears inevitable after the killings and wounding of Fridays past.

I believe that unarmed protestors should not be killed or maimed.  Live ammunition - or indeed any ammunition that destroys life or limb - should not be used against them.

In today's Irish Times, Ilan Baruch, former Israeli Ambassador to South Africa has written a thoughtful article on the Friday protests in Gaza and Israel's "direct and brutal violence towards unarmed nonviolent Palestinian demonstrators".  I share his concern. 

Before I rang your Embassy I had thought of what possible replies I might receive.  One such possible reply, I thought, could be: "What can Israel do when protestors are rushing towards the boundary fence with the intention of reclaiming their previous homes?".  My answer would be: "At this stage, not much".  
 But events have escalated and have been allowed to escalate to a point (almost) of no return. No efforts have been made to engage with the Palestinians to address their legitimate complaints and claims.

This attitude will not win in the long termPeople must talk with one another.  Otherwise there will be chaos in Israel and Palestine It will not be a chaos filled with chaotic good people or chaotic neutrals.  It will be a chaos filled with chaotic evil.  Such a scenario leads to mutual destruction.

With best personal wishes
Justin Morahan
Human rights activist and pacifist

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