Sunday, 19 January 2014

The jailing of Margaretta D'Arcy - Letter to Minister Shatter

Prior to taking part in the protest outside the Department of Justice on Friday last, (17 January 2014), I sent the letter below to Minister Shatter.  There was an acknowledgment of receipt from his private secretary but no comment on the substance of the letter.

Dear Mr Shatter

Despite the continued abuse of Shannon airport by US troops passing
through it, no inspection of the US war planes has been sanctioned by
you. Meanwhile US drones continue to kill civilians (among others) in

When a woman called Margaretta D'Arcy protested non-violently against
this continued shameful wrongdoing inside Shannon airport, you have
jailed her.


I call on you to release her forthwith and accede to her just and
rightful demand that all military aircraft are inspected by GardaĆ­ to
ensure that they are not carrying weapons, or prisoners for rendition.

With best personal wishes

Justin Morahan

pacifist, human rights activist

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