Tuesday, 26 November 2013

"Thanksgiving" and "Heroes"

I often receive unrequested mail from some people whose ideas I don't share.

Today this email came from Senator Mike Johanns of Nebraska (in blue)

My reply follows (in black)

"As we approach another holiday season, it is easy to get caught up in all of the hustle and bustle and lose sight of the many things we – as Americans and as Nebraskans – are so thankful for. This week, Steph and I are taking a step back to reflect on these blessings. We’re thankful for family and friends, as well as for the kindness and concern for one another that Nebraskans embody so well. I continue to be thankful to have the honor of representing Nebraska in the United States Senate. Despite the very serious challenges our country faces, we must not lose sight of how fortunate we are to be Americans.
We owe a special thanks to our troops – many of whom will spend the holidays away from their families so that the rest of us can be safe at home with ours. This holiday season take a moment out of your day to join me in participating in the Holiday Mail for Heroes program to send holiday wishes to service members and veterans. Cards can mailed or dropped off at any of my offices by Tuesday, Dec. 3. This is a small way to let our troops know that even though they may be many miles away, they are never far from our thoughts." - Senator Johanns.


Dear Senator Johanns

Thank you for your communication about your celebration of Thanksgiving and your request for American troops whom you refer to as "Heroes".

Senator, have you ever thought about the native Americans and how they must feel about foreigners who occupied their country and gloat over it year after year with sumptuous Thanksgiving dinners?  Probably much the same as the Palestinians who were ousted by Israel, who had their lands confiscated by Israe land now live under a brutal regime of occupation?

Or have you considered that a large amount of soldiers whom you proclaim "heroes" have now become broken in mind and body and spirit, neglected by the country that sent them to kill humans?  They were driven to do unspeakable things by you and your country, but now they are ignored and insulted.

"War is hell", as General Sherman says,

"I confess, without shame, that I am sick and tired of fighting — its glory is all moonshine; even success the most brilliant is over dead and mangled bodies, with the anguish and lamentations of distant families, appealing to me for sons, husbands, and fathers ... it is only those who have never heard a shot, never heard the shriek and groans of the wounded and lacerated ... that cry aloud for more blood, more vengeance, more desolation."

I might add: "and for more celebration".

With best personal wishes

Justin Morahan
Dublin Ireland

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