Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Letter on Guantanamo posted online to White House website.

To President Obama of the US and Barack Obama, human being

( I posted this letter without headings today)

Your promise to close down Guantanamo remains unfulfilled.

Instead, prisoners who are completely innocent are being held imprisoned indefinitely without trial.

Worse still they are being tortured, force fed and their human rights destroyed in a United States hell hole where United States law does not apply.

There is no regard for ethics, morality or international law.

The recent comments you have made, Barack, Mr President, indicate that your own concern is more about the bad name Guantanamo is giving to the US than any concern you have for the basic human rights of the tortured victim inmates you have flown from innocent freedom into Guantanamo torture.

You are right to believe that your name is besmirched because of Guantanamo but surely you as a human being should have deeper concerns about the individual welfare of these innocent victims of US torture and injustice.

Close Guantanamo, free the kidnapped victims, admit your crimes, stop interfering in other countries' affairs in a biased way. 

Be a man, a human we can be proud of, someone your children will be proud of, someone who uses your immense moral power without fear to do good rather than evil.

Please don't plead inability.

Remember YES YOU CAN.

With best personal wishes

Justin Morahan

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