Thursday, 10 May 2012

Yesterday I was the Y in MISERY!

Tommy Donnelan's video tells the story of the big protest yesterday 9 May both outside and  inside the Cement Roadstone Holdings AGM in Dun Laoire.

To Ireland's everlasting shame, Cement Roadstone Holdings help Israel to build their Wall to separate Palestinians and steal their land for new Israeli settlers.

The message outside, held by a long line of protestors, read:
(In the video, I am holding the Y in "MISERY")

Across the road, CRH's own workers were also protesting against salary pay cuts of 20%.

Inside, three shareholders handed up the same message signed by 10,200 individuals.

When Huwaida Arraf made her point about the complicity of CRH in Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity  she was told  that CRH had no control over the end-use of the cement.

Huwaida  responded that this was not good enough, "we would not accept that excuse from those who sold ovens and gas to the Nazis".

John Dorman who was the first shareholder to speak said that Huwaida's contribution silenced the room and left the top table with glum faces and nowhere to look, appearing deeply uncomfortable.

 A third speaker Fatene(?) from Hebron related her experiences  from that apartheid city and how her own family has been adversely affected by Israeli policies.

Tommy Donnelan's video on the morning's protets can be seen at video link

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