Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Reports that Khader Adnan has ended hunger strike on 66th day

Reports from mainstream media are that Khader Adnan has ended his 66-day hunger strike.

As of 5.33pm on 21 February however there is no specific confirmation from himself that this is so.

The Israelis have said it, his lawyers have said it but at the time mentioned, reports from reliable sources are that his lawyer has been denied access to him in prison and cannot therefore confirm his acceptance of a deal.

The deal itself was that his "administrative detention" would end on 17 April and would not be renewed.  There were of course "terms and conditions" attaching.

If the news is true, if Khader Adnan is happy with the terms, if the Israelis are true to their word and release him as stated, I am very happy that Khader's life has been spared.  Happy for Khader, happy for his wife and children, happy for all of his loved ones.

If the news is not true, then I will continue to join countless thousands of others making further representations to the Israeli Government on his behalf

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