Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A few of the bravest and best Palestinians board an Israeli bus


History is right now being made in Palestine. A small number (5) of brave Palestinians have boarded a public bus from which they are barred in Israel.

Avaaz reports: "Lacking their own state, Palestinians are forbidden to use buses and roads reserved for non-Arabs - part of a host of race-based rules that US President Jimmy Carter has called "apartheid"." 50 years ago, blacks in the US challenged these rules by simply and non-violently refusing to follow them."

The Palestinians have just now taken the same approach, and their actions are seen livE at the link below (see comment 1)
As Gandhi did in India and Rose Parks did in the US, these non-violent freedom riders are simply on the bus, quietly making their powerful point to the world.

At last viewing one protestor had ben forcibly removed, the bus had stopped, a soldier and settler got off. The Israeli passengers are having to put up with the delay that Palestinians suffer daily. Soldiers are shouting and bullying people telling them to get off.

They are being forcibly removed


Justin Morahan said...


Justin Morahan said...

Conflicting Reports.

The Live Stream link above is shaky but its last report says that 3 protestors have been taken off the bus. Whereas AP and other mainstream media report that "all" have been removed.

Justin Morahan said...

Correction: There were 6 freedom riders on the bus.

At 16.30 all had been taken off forcibly.

Meanwhile a support line on the has over 100,000 signatures as of 9 a.m.today

The famous bus was number 148