Monday, 23 May 2011

Obama in Ireland

Dear President Obama

As a human being and therefore a brother I welcome you on your visit to Ireland.

In other circumstances this welcome might have been absolute.

But I object to your appetite for killing other humans. As in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lybia and beyond. I say NO to your acceptance of the torture of other humans, your failure to close down Guantanamo, your U-turn on military tribunals for its inmates, your treatment of whistle-blower Bradley Manning, your proliferation of nuclear weapons and jailing of those who oppose them. It was sickening to watch you in that small room purportedly viewing the killing of Osama bin Laden. Bad enough that you were willing (and promising in your pre-election speeches) to kill him, without trial, evidence, judge or jury, horrible that you gloated over the purported killing itself.

By continuing to use Shannon civilian airport for war you are implicating Ireland and its people in the blood-fest in which you are engaged.

I object too to the lie that your interest in interfering in the Middle East and newly revolutionary countries has anything to do with support for human rights or democracy. Nearly everyone knows it is the oil and wealth of those countries that you covet for the United States. I object to your recently articulated belief that protection of the United States gives you the right to act as you have been acting, to kill as you have been killing, to interfere bloodily in the affairs of other peoples.

Your prevarication with regard to Israel has been pathetic. Talk is cheap and of that you have plenty. You have fiddled with Netanyahu while Palestinians burn.

When you were elected, I hoped that you might be different. I had reservations but I still hoped. You have shattered many dreams by reneging on the good promises you made on the way to the White House.

We need integrity, honesty and humanity in the people who occupy offices such as yours. We do not need orators. Have you not heard that actions speak louder than words.

What I have lost in you is trust .

Still, I wish you and your wife Michelle a safe and happy time in Ireland. Also good wishes to your children.

Your brother

Justin Morahan

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