Sunday, 25 July 2010

A glitch on Indymedia Ireland?

Usually Indymedia Ireland allows people to publish their news and reflections instantaneously online. It's an amazing service and one that I have used extensively over the years as has my friend Mairead Maguire. Mairead is a Nobel Peace Laureate who has done more for peace and justice since she won the Prize than she did before. Unlike many of her fellow Laureates she has not turned her back on the cause.

Recently I helped Mairead who lives in Belfast to post an opinion piece on Indymedia Ireland in the Opinion and Analysis section. Her thoughts were a reflection of her trip on the MV Rachel Corrie to break the siege of Gaza and bring humanitarian aid to the people the stricken area. Shortly after its publication the article was taken down by an editor of Indymedia Ireland. The reason given was that it contained nothing new and had been posted on other places on the Internet. Usually, if this happens an editor will move the piece to the section of Indymedia Ireland called "Other Press". But when I .searched "Other Press", alas I could find no trace.

Disappointed, I decided to ask the editors of Indymedia Ireland to re-publish the article in their "Other Press" section. Meanwhile, I am publishing it on this blog, "three little dogs" (not as widely read of course)

Hopefully, it will follow this blog as Mairead's article in its own right, under her own heading "CHOOSE PEACE_ End the Siege of Gaza"

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