Saturday, 5 June 2010

Israeli forces Board the Rachel Corrie

Israeli forces have boarded the Rachel Corrie.

Of course no-one on board resisted violently.

All on board had already announced this to the whole world.

But the boarding was nevertheless a brazen arrogant and unlawful break and entry into a lawful dwelling.

It was like breaking into someone's home, taking it over, using it as they wished (like robbers do in the night), kidnapping the inhabitants, unlawfully imprisoning them, forcing them to go into a hostile place and preventing them from carrying out their lawful tasks.

Israel is no stranger to this kind of action. The State of Israel does this on a regular basis to the Palestinians whose country they continue to occupy illegally.

The Flotilla to Gaza and Israel's bloody reaction to it over the past days has highlighted the ongoing siege of Gaza and the atrocities of Israel in a way that was hardly expected by that rogue State.

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