Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Rachel Corrie Anniversary 16 March

On the seventh anniversary of the callous mowing down in Gaza, of human rights activist Rachel Corrie while she she protected a Palestinian home from destruction with her own body, a lawsuit is progressing in Haifa in Israel.

Rachel's family are suing Israel for her unlawful killing.

Twenty three year old Rachel stood unarmed, except for her exceptional humanity and bravery in front of the Palestinians' home. The bulldozer that callously and criminally crushed her young body to death was an Israeli Army Caterpillar D9R.

Video recording of the killing had large portions deleted or omitted when it was sent to the Corrie family.

Today Rachel's parents, Cindy and Craig and her sister Sarah are asking friends and supporters around the world to support their campaign to receive justice for Rachel. They are asking us to ring the White House

1 urge that George Mitchell visit Gaza, and

2 demand that the US break the blockade of Gaza by providing immediate humanitarian aid and building materials.

The number to ring is 001 202 456 1111

It's not much for them to ask. If you make the call, today or any day during this week, they would be delighted if you also let them (the family) know on the form provided at http://tinyurl.com/Corrie4Gaza

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