Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Israeli Elections - Peas in a Pod


Exit polls from Israel show that Ehud Barak and his Labour party may not have gained the votes he expected from the massacre he carried out in Gaza. His Labour Party may have lost up to seven seats.

Tzipi Livni's macho support for, and ultimate responsibility for, that massacre may have boosted her chances of retaining power as her party, Kadima, leads the predicted seat count with 29 seats and 80% of the votes counted. There is no change in her party's' situation.

Ultra hawk, Benjamin Netyanyahu's Likud Party may have gained sixteen, leaving him in second place with 28 seats

Avigdor Leiberman's Yisrael Beiteinu (Israel Our Homeland) Party may have gained five seats bringing his total to 16 while Shas may lose one seat to still hold 11.

Gil (The Pensioners Party) appears to be losing heavily and may not retain any of its seven seats.

Other parties, including the Arab United Front remain more or less the same. The Greens have not made a breakthrough.

Despite Barak's losses, the eighteenth Knesset will not differ greatly from the seventeenth. The old Parliament had a coalition powered by Kadima (Livni) and Labour (Barak). No matter what array of parties forms the new Government of Israel, Kadima and Labour or Likud, Yisrael Beitienu and Shas?) it will still be composed largely of parties and people who perpetrated, supported, incited and excused the recent holocaust in Gaza.

They are like blood-soaked peas in a pod.

Will any party or individual break the cycle of arrogance and violence that characterizes the present Knesset in Israel?

"The reason they do it (Gaza massacre) now is because of the elections (within) two months and our so-called leaders want to guarantee themselves more votes" - Omer Goldman, member of the Israeli Shministim, daughter of former Mossad agent (

The 17th Knesset
Kadima 29 Labor Party 19 Shas 12 Likud 12 Yisrael Beiteinu 11 Jewish Home and National Union 9 Gil 7 United Torah Judaism 6 Meretz 5 United Arab List–Ta'al 4 Hadash 3 Balad 3 The Greens 0

Latest results for 18th Knesset (80% counted) (source:

Kadima (Tzipi Livni) 29 (No change), Likud (Benjamin Netanyahu) 28 (+16), , Labour (Ehud Barak) 12 (-7) Yisrael Beiteinu (Avigdor Leiberman) 16 (+5) Shas (Eli Yishai) 11 (-1), United Torah Judaism (Yaakov Litzman) 4 (-2) Meretz (Haim Oron ("Jumes")) 4 (-1) Jewish Home (Rabbi Daniel Hershkovitz) 3, National Union (Ya'akov Katz) 4, (JH and NU, -2) Gil (Rafi Eitan) 0/1, (-6/7) Meretz (Chaim Oron) 4 (-1) United Arab List (Ibrahim Sarsur) T'al (Ahmad Tibi and Mahmud Asad.), Hadash (Mohammad Barakeh), 4 (+1), Balad (Jamal Zahalka) 2 (-1) Greens (Pe'er Visner) 0 (no change)

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