Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Sickening Murders in Gaza

For the past three days the Israeli Army has been murdering people in the Gaza strip.

I am sick and tired of their excuses for these multiple murders and as a pacifist I have been wondering what non-violent people can do to stop such brutal aggression so far away from the scene of the heinous action.

With the remembrance of the US bombing of Iraq burned in my mind, the monster demonstrations worldwide that tried but failed to stop it, the millions of words spoken and written, the non-violent direct actions resulting in protracted court appearances and imprisonment for so many brave people, still ongoing after all these years, I was looking for some faltering request from people in Gaza. Something that would say "This is what you can do. This will help us." I have heard their cries and to some extent felt their pain but I was hoping for a request from them that might be possible to fulfill and that might help to stop their suffering.

Two hours ago a heart-rending e-mail came from a non-violent group not in Gaza itself but in Palestine.

Here is the e-mail

"To all free people of the world,,, to all who call for freedom and Justice……

To all who have a living conscience,,, to all who love Peace,

The hearts of the children of Palestine are calling to you, the screams of the bereaved mothers are calling your consciences.

We are wondering how the world sleeps while the children of Palestine are been cut into pieces, forgive us, our eyes are full of tears and our hearts are saddened by the criminal actions of the Israeli occupation that are beyond our imaginations.

It is also hard to see the support of the governments of the world for such war crimes, which are giving permission to Israel to commit more crimes.

We are calling upon you all on the following:

1- To continue your demonstration in front of the Israeli embassies and your parliaments not just as an emotional reaction

2- A serious boycott to Israel at all levels and work to ask the Israeli ambassadors to leave your countries

3- To work towards having the Israeli war crimes put before war crime courts

4- We call upon all popular committees in Palestine to organize more demonstrations on a daily basis

5- We call upon the Israelis who refuse the occupation to demonstrate in front of their war ministry"

Maybe some answers lie in there

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